Tuesday, October 30, 2012

IBM Maximo 7.5 login screen changing

IBM Maximo 7.5 login screen changing

That was my first task assigned by our team lead and we have done lots after that :D.
To change the original Maximo log in screen.

Maximo 7.5 log in screen

Navigate to the following directory
and but a new image with the same name as the orignal ones (ge_login_bkgnd.png and ge_login_bkgnd_ev.png) prefer to have the same dimensions 2000 X 768 for the first and 1208 X 554 for the second.

The New ge_login_bkgnd.png
Refresh the log in page and yupps.

The New Maximo 7.5 login screen

You can make this your company photo and replace IBM logo with yours.

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